Wednesday, January 14, 2009

State Farm Update

It's Tuesday. That means another roofer has spent the day on top of my house. Like the three before him, he says I have extensive wind damage.

In fact, contractors have spent more time on my roof this winter than Santa Claus.

Nevertheless, State Farm continues to deny my claim. I recently filed complaints with the Indiana Department of Insurance and the Indiana Attorney General in hopes that these bodies will pressure State Farm to do the right thing.

It didn't have to be this way. Some of my neighbors were cut checks right on the spot. Frankly, I've spent more time fighting this than I care to spend. But I won't give up. Just ask my cousins. They were forced to spend an entire Christmas Day with me playing Intellivision football. I'm still waiting for a rematch.

Anyway, State Farm's latest tactic is to have an "independent" engineer review my roof. Of course, this "independent" engineer must be chosen from a list supplied by State Farm. Doesn't sound too independent to me. Maybe State Farm should pick their engineer randomly from the phone book, just like I picked my roofers.

If you've had similar problems with State Farm, I'd love to hear from you. Perhaps we can form a rock group called "Doug and the Denials." We better practice at your place though. I'm not sure my roof will hold up to the angry guitar rifts.

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