Tuesday, March 3, 2009

State Farm Should Get a Clue

Not surprisingly, State Farm’s engineer has delivered a report in which he finds the company has no culpability for damage to my roof.

Here’s what he does blame:
  • Poor adhesion of shingles
  • Overlapping shingles
  • Old shingles
  • Weathered shingles
  • High nailing
  • Short nailing
  • Finger-nailing (just kidding about that one)
  • Poor ventilation
Here’s my theory: Mr. White did it on the roof with a candlestick.

In all seriousness, the report includes so many different explanations that it reminds me of a guilty man in an interrogation room searching for an alibi.

The engineer blames anything and everything except the most obvious – 80 mph winds from Hurricane Ike that damaged the roofs of every home around me. Their claims have been paid. Meanwhile, I’ve lost shingles, just like the roofers said I would.

Take heed, people, having State Farm insurance is like having no insurance at all.

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Todd said...

Did you know your profile says you have a "thrist" for politics?

Come on, dude. There are people out there that look up to you.