Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hosed by State Farm

In the last couple of weeks, I watched a lot of great basketball and saw a lot of stupid State Farm commercials. To me, any State Farm commercial is an affront. Every time I see one I think about how State Farm won’t pay $7,000 to repair my roof, but can dish out the big bucks to be the marquee sponsor of the NCAA tournament.

I’d like State Farm better if they promoted less and paid more. To put it another way, these ads could fix a whole lot of hurricane damage.

Insurance is about trust. You can’t buy trust during a college basketball tournament. You earn it by living up to your word.

Nevertheless, there is State Farm at every TV timeout, telling us how their insurance is more complete than their competitors. In one spot, a guy gets his car washed. He’s horrified to learn it hasn’t been rinsed. A goofball attendant reminds him that he paid for a wash … not a rinse.

This is a heavy-headed metaphor for State Farm. The message is that State Farm covers everything … the wash and the rinse.

Indeed. If my experience with State Farm is any indication, they are bound to give you a good hosing.

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Andy said...

You're right, not going 100% is their MO. PLus they're obviously fake. Speak it!