Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Cheap Shot

These are tough economic times. Belt-tightening is definitely in order. But how do you know if you’ve gone a notch or two too far? Your friends or family won’t tell you, but I will. From one coupon-clipper to another, here are some early warning signs that you may be crossing the line from frugal to cheap
  • You buy generic ketchup or cola. I’ll excuse generic flavored drinks like orange or grape, but cola is definitely out of bounds.
  • You shop at a store that requires a deposit on the shopping cart.
  • You complain about the steak … at the Waffle House.
  • You split a dinner … at the Waffle House.
  • You've asked someone, "Are you going to finish that?"
  • You tell the waiter it's your birthday ... just to get the free cake.
  • You paid a bill entirely with pennies.
  • You ask for the senior discount … and you’re not a senior.
  • You cut your own hair.
  • You count free samples at the grocery store as lunch.
  • You ate lunch at your child's school cafeteria ... and you weren't visiting your child.
  • You plan your travel based entirely on which station has the cheapest gas.
  • You listened to a daylong sales pitch for a free night's stay.
  • You negotiate at the dollar store.
  • You’re keeping your skinny '80s ties ... just in case they make a comeback.
  • You were frisked for sugar packets when leaving Cracker Barrel.
  • You gave me the dreaded combination “Christmas/birthday” present.
  • Your precious childhood memories became a little less precious when you discovered ebay.
  • You last went to the movies to see Star Wars … the first one, which is now the fourth one, but I digress.

As you might know from my earlier posts, I’m all about financial responsibility. But take it from a guy who drives a car with 118,000 miles and counting, you can go overboard.

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