Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fit To Print?

It’s no secret reporters are being asked to do more with less. It’s affecting their morale, but is it affecting the news product? Based on my recent experiences with the Louisville Courier-Journal, I’d say that it is.

My friend, Todd Tucker, recently published his first novel. Todd was born and raised in New Albany, just across the bridge from the Courier-Journal. Additionally, his book, Over and Under, is set entirely in the newspaper’s coverage area. Oh, did I mention that Todd’s mother retired from the Courier-Journal.

For all I know, they all have Courier-Journal umbrellas, too.

My point is that the C-J has every reason to cover Todd’s book. So why won’t anybody return my calls or e-mails?

Book editor? No dice. Features editor? Not a chance. Indiana editor? Forget about.

The C-J is a Gannett paper. Gannett is cutting jobs. Even before that, some positions in Louisville weren’t being backfilled.

What does this have to do with Todd’s book? Maybe the Courier-Journal’s staff is so overloaded that reporters lack the time, interest and desire to pursue, discuss or even return e-mails about anything remotely outside their daily scope.

Of course, then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’ve carefully vetted Todd’s book and it just doesn’t meet their litmus test.

I’d like to talk to the C-J’s ombudsmen to find out, but she won’t return calls either. You see, her position was among those eliminated.

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Todd said...

Yeah, somebody read my book! I'll bet if Bob Hill were still alive he'd have done a nice feature on it.