Sunday, September 8, 2013

Danica Patrick Doppelganger

As Ive said before, my super power is being able to tell regular people which celebrity they most resemble. Occasionally, inspiration strikes even when I not trying. Such was the case recently when I was watching a celebrity edition of the Food Network show Chopped. As NASCAR driver Danica Patrick was hustling around the kitchen, I couldnt help but think that she reminded me of someone else. (Truthfully, I was also thinking how I wish shed invite me over for dinner, even though I'm sure my wife wouldnt let me go.) Anyway, it finally hit me ... Patrick looks like Zoe Barnes of “House of Cards, who is another woman known for her fast moves. Barnes is played by actress Kate Mara. Check out the pictures below and tell me that you dont agree that Patrick could play Maras stunt double.

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