Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can-Do Reality Television

In the early days of reality television, it seemed the gimmick was mostly about drinking too much and provoking people to fight with show such as “Cops,” The Real World,” “Big Brother” and even more recently, “The Jersey Shore.”

“I can do that,” I would say to myself.  In fact, that’s pretty much how I spent college.

As I got a little older, reality television started to evolve. It became more about adult themes, such as home renovation, with shows like “This Old House,” “Trading Spaces,” “Flip This House,” “Flipping Out,” and “Designed to Sell,” “While You Were Out,” “Take Home Handyman” and “Over Your Head.”

“I can do that,” I would say to myself. At the very least, I could be the boneheaded husband who needs to be bailed out. I’ve been doing that for years with my dad.

Reality television then tackled food with shows like “Iron Chef,” “Top Chef,” “Chopped,” “The Next Food Network Star,” “Take Home Chef,” “Dinner Impossible” and “Best in Smoke.”

“I can do that,” I would say to myself. No one can question my authority on eating. Just give me a Weber grill, a secret ingredient and 20 minutes.

Of course, with all that eating, reality television was bound to discover weight loss with shows like “The Biggest Loser,” “Celebrity Fit Club,” “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss,” “Food Revolution” and “Heavy.”

“I can do that,” I would say to myself. I once lost more than 60 pounds before finding a lot of it back. Point me toward the Lean Cuisine and a $250,000 prize.

Once everybody got fit, reality television found something for them to wear with fashion shows such as “Project Runway,” “Ambush Makeover,” and “What Not to Wear.”

“I can do that,” I would say to myself.  No one looks more outdated than me. Check out the black socks and sweatpants.

Lately, reality TV seems to be mostly about going into The Bayou and wrestling alligators, wild hogs and various other beasts with shows such as “Swamp Brothers,” “Swamp People,” “American Hoggers” and “Billy the Exterminator.”

I can do … oh, never mind, I better stick with the partying, painting, eating, exercising and shopping.

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