Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Like a Diamond, Good Slogan Lasts Forever

Quick. Can you name the tagline for Coca-Cola? How about for Pepsi? They’re two of the most recognizable brands in the word. They spend a lot of money on advertising. Surely, you can name their taglines, right?

Not so much, according to Steve Cone of Epsilon, who recently spoke to Humana’s marketing team about good marketing. Cone travels the country offering a $50 bill to anyone who can name the soda giants’ taglines. That $50 is still in his wallet.

These examples show that the biggest companies don’t always make the most of their marketing dollars, he said. In fact, Cone contends that bigger the company; the more likely it is that they are needlessly draining their marketing budgets.

If you’ve got a good tagline, stick with it, he said. Coke and Pepsi are two companies that are probably best known for earlier taglines. Have you had a Coke and a smile? Did you join the Pepsi generation?

Good taglines are simple, Cone said, reflecting a company’s values with an attitude. You do know that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, right? The slogan is actually “Vegas: What Happens Here, Stays Here,” but you get the picture.

Jingles work well, Cone said. He also likes personalizing the brand with a celebrity or a character, especially a character. After all, “Tony the Tiger” never gets caught like Tiger Woods. Finally, integrate your marketing campaign across all platforms.

Follow these tips and perhaps everyone will know your tagline, even if you don’t advertise on the Super Bowl.

By the way, Coca-Cola’s current slogan is “Open Happiness,” while Pepsi boasts that it “Refreshes the Word.” Keep those in mind just in case you run into Steve Cone. You can thank me for the $50 later.

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