Sunday, August 31, 2008

Going Green at the DNC

Having just returned from the DNC, I can attest that all things green were eagerly embraced, including hotel card keys.

These "green" card keys were made from what appeared to be balsa wood, like an old school model airplane. I guess wooden card keys decompose faster than plastic, which would have been great, if they had actually worked.

Instead, I returned to my room on three separate occasions following 15-hour days only to be denied entry. I felt like a guy playing a slot machine, slipping my key into the card reader, hoping for three bars.

Alas, the house won all three times and I slunk away.

To resolve this problem, the hotel replaced my card with an environmentally offending plastic card. I'm as green as the next guy, but not enough to sleep in the hall. Apparently, balsa wood isn't ready to cross over from model airplanes just yet.

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